This district is extreme South west part of ancient Magadh .All the books relating “Treta Yug and Dwapar Yug” relate to Lord Sri
Ram and Lord Sri Krishna respectively find their own description . The Hindus all over the world come here to pay Pind(Pious Offer)to their ancestors .During the course of “Pind-Dan” first Pind is given on the bank of river Pun-Pun .River Punpun has been called in the Puran as Ardhgang ( Half of river Ganga ) .So it is very much difficult to write an exhaustive history of this region. Each particle of this region has got its own history. Mere glimpse of the same is being given here.

The sages like Bhrigu practiced penance here .The deity of sage Bhrigu, Bhawani is situated at the junction of river Pun-pun and Madar. The statue of Bhawani is still in existence. The nose of the said statue is broken .As such, the people of that region call her Nakti Bhawani.The celebrated book of Indian Astrology Bhrigu Sanhita was written there .

This district remained taposthali (Penaut-place) of sage Chyawan.Sage Chyawan invented Aryuvedic Medicine Chyawanprash .His deity Lord Shiva is still in existence. That Shivaling is made of black Sapphire. The people of this region call him Baba Dudheshwar Nath. The Ashram of sage Chyawan is still a remainder Akhand Dhuni (A place where the Saint used to continuously burn a log) of sage Chyawan is still in existence, Where fire was not lit again. The Samadhi of Bal Yogi is also in front of Akhand Dhuni. People of this region still come in front of that, Samadhi and sit there to settle their disputes .They believe that the soul of the said yogi is still alive and he gives justice. As such the people of this region take an oath before him and leave their disputes to Balyogi.The people of this region have faith that justice will be done sure. Thus disputes are settled here ever in the present age.

There is a Sun temple of konark style in the district .It is said that this temple was founded by Raja Ayel .Who was a Tretayugi King. He was also an ascendant of Lord Sri Rama .The old statue of the Sun was broken by Mogul rulers during their regime . The statue of trikal Surya has been established. The People of this region pay oblation to him especially on Sunday; Suryashasthi of month Chaitra, during the Adra Nakchhatra and on Suryashasthi of month of Kartik of Hindu Calendar .There is also a Suryakund in the south of temple where people pay Ardha to the setting and rising Sun. People of this district and nearby districts treat Sun god as PRATYACHHA DEVTA (Visible God), From whom we human being and all creatures get power .There is myth ( Folk tale) that the descendent of Maharana Pratap. Raja Fateh Narayan Singh, who was a leper, came here in course of hunting to quench the thirst of his horse, he fell in that “kund” (Pond) .It is said that he became cure of it . His disease of leprosy disappeared.

There is also a folk tale that Lord Brahma Started to construct three temples in this region in a single night. Two of them, the temples of Deo and Umga were completed, but third one of Devkund could not be completed, because it became morning, and the crow began to speak .The hill of Umga is full of temples, where so many statues of different gods and goddesses are scattered.

In these days, this district has become the antique paradise of smugglers. They steal the valuable idols from this region and sell abroad at fantastic price.