Aurangabad has potential for new industries and huge skilled manpower is available here. The three days NIPM national conference has focused Aurangabad as an emerging Industrial and manpower destination that will show its result in future, said chairman of Aurangabad chapter.
The three days 27 th annual national conference of national Institute of personnel Management (NIPM) was concluded today in Aurangabad. Speaking exclusively to The Indian Express, Makarand Deshpande, Chairman, NIPM Aurangabad chapter shared the output of this august gathering. He said that we received confirmation about organizing national conference in Aurangabad in the month of August last year. At that time everything was normal and we were expecting 500 delegates to participate in conference. But later situation became worst and every one started talking about recession. We too declined the figure of expected delegates to 250, however about 450 HR personnel participated which is a good figure in recession period, he said.
Deshpande further added that the theme of conference was ‘Reinventing HR in changing economy’ which was need in current situation. Renewed HR professionals shared their experience and guided delegates. This will definitely change their minds and views. He urged HR heads to look this job from Human point of vies and to retain Human and go for cost cutting in Resources. NIPM head further said that we have promoted Aurangabad as best destination to start their next ventures to the industrialists. Comparatively lands are cheap and huge talented manpower is available here. Hence we focused on potential of Aurangabad. There would be nothing to surprise if more and more industries would organize campus placements and job fairs in Aurangabad in future. Let the recession period over and see, every one would eager to come to Aurangabad, Deshpande said. He also added that the tourism spots nearby to the city are also promoted by NIPM during three days. Aurangabad will change its identity as tourist destination to manpower and industrial destination, he said.
Regarding future plans, Deshpande said that now NIPM will organize sessions for MBA students and HR personnel’s those who did not able to attend conference. We will show video’s of various sessions and would conduct seminars on the topics that were discussed during the conference. He also asked HR delegates to share the knowledge he gained in conference to their company MD and CEO’s. We are facing problem of building and it is not affordable to hire any hall every time. Hence he demanded permanent office for NIPM Aurangabad chapter.