Modern age is an age of scientific and technological development. In this age money plays a significant role in different aspects of the human society. So it is natural to say that a portion of the society of this district has been being engaged in extremist activities because of the prevailing socio-economic disparity. As a result, the development work has been affected. Like the people of other places, the people of this district also go to the states of East- North and Punjab-Hariyana to seek employment from time to time. The arrangement of irrigation has done a Bit for the happiness of the people in some areas but even today this happiness is partial . More over, the demerits of the old values hamper the peace and prosperity of an area. Aurangabad is also not bereft of these demerits. So nature allows the fact of the people of Aurangabad to fall a victim to orthodoxy, casteism, fanaticism and superstitions with resemblance to bad cultural heritage.These said factors hamper the whole rural development. Economic inequality and illiteracy are the curse of the people of this area along with various negligible factors as stated above.