Our project mainly aims to cover all the subjects such as social science , english , maths, hindi and science on the respective district. Aurangabad, though a small district in Bihar places a very important role in various aspects for not only the state but also for India. Precisely culture and history. I personally feel that working on this project has been an enriching experience since we got to learn a lot. As we guys have worked and still working on the district famous for it's art and crafts , we would love to visit the place and actually experience the long lasting famous things of it.
Being the administrator of the site, I , Arjun Saxena would like to thank my teachers for their guidance regarding this project , my group members and also a person who has worked hell a lot for it regardless of the fact that he is not associated with the site in any manner, he is Abhishek Sharma.
My friends and members who all will be working are :
Arjun Saxena - Administrator
Trigun Shergill - Secretary
Yashita Grover - Moderator
Gunjan Bhatia - Moderator
Honey Kumar - Moderator
Saurabh Nayak - Moderator
Mohit Karki - Moderator
… Hope you appreciate the work of us and if interested plzz join the site as a member and encourage us.
Thankyou !